Today, I received the most shocking news of all!

For the first time in the history of personal blogging in Malaysia, someone was suspended for what he has written in his blog! Apparently, it has caused the “organization, its customers and employees embarrassment.”

How stupid is that? C'mon now, if the person concerned is a famous socio-political blogger whose blog is read by tens of thousands of Malaysians all over the world, then perhaps I’ll understand such drastic actions. But then again, if he is like Jeff Ooi, Rocky or Malik Imtiaz, I'm sure this particular organization wouldn't hire him in the first place!

I’m no socio-political blogger but this doesn’t mean that I am completely oblivious to what happens around the country. Of course, I read the blogs of the prominent people aforementioned so as to have the other side of the story, so to speak.

A soon to be ex-colleague of mine even goes on and states that living in this country is scary for we have a ‘fascist government’ (his words, not mine) and the beauty about this is that this boy is one of the brightest individuals in the country; a potential leader with the ruling party.

Anyways, before I deviate from the context of this entry, let me go back to the dude who was suspended by his employers. For the life of me, I can’t fathom how a supposedly world-class organization can suspend an employee for running a personal blog.

Honestly, what could he possibly do to ‘embarrass’ a potential multi-billion company? And if you get to read the charges against him, you’d die laughing! Seriously dude, it’s purely baseless and completely borne out of personal hatred and vengeance that are only prevalent in the kind of company that he's with. And here they want to be known as a world-class company!

Please! Fucking wake up and get out of your ‘I’m holier than thou’ syndrome... Y'all are gonna fall flat on your faces if you can't handle the truth.

And from what I heard, they read this blog too! All I can say is welcome ;) And if I may, one of the characteristics of a great and world-class organization is its ability to handle the truth, especially when it comes from one of their own.


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