Singapore Christmas Sale...

... is totally disappointing!

I have heard so much about the Christmas Sale from ex-colleagues who go on and on about how comparable it is to the annual Great Singapore Sale held during the mid year. Hearing so much hype and stories, being the shopper that I am, I dragged my Small Baby for a weekend trip to Singapore to try and catch the sale.

Imagine my embarrassment when we found out the Malaysia’s Year End Sale is waaaayyy better than the much-hyped Singapore Christmas Sale! The continuous feeding by my ex-colleagues on how great the sale is made me sell the hype to my Small Baby and little did I know that I was going to end up red-faced.

As always, my regular shopping route brought me to Takashimaya where the RL boutique is situated. When we got there, there was no sale at all! I mean, there was a 20% discount on some old items but that’s it. Lucky for me, there were some shirts that I wanted that I didn’t manage to get in KL because they came in very limited number.

The whole trip was a total let down! My Small Baby just quiet but I’m sure, deep inside, she was laughing at my unfounded excitement. The next time around, I will only visit Singapore with the sole purpose of shopping when they are having their Great Singapore Sale.

What lesson I learned from this? Never rely on other people to tell you about shopping!


Anonymous said...

Well written article.

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