Sigh of Relief

During today's daily management meeting, while discussing the plans for next year's Brand roll out, the conversation moved to rumors of me leaving the company. When I arrived in the KL office, I was looking for my boss and was told that they were still in the meeting.

I don't typically ask for my boss but today was the day our brand consultants were presenting the final logo for the place brand that we are trying to build. The presentation was supposed to start at 10 am but up until 10:40, the meeting was still in progress :(

Anyways, when the meeting finally ended, my boss came out and immediately, I knew he wanted to say something to me. When our consultants went into the conference room to set-up, my boss told me that the newest rumor is that I am leaving for ____, the company that manufactures and markets the biggest computer Brand in the world.

Considering that it was true, I 'fessed up and said yes. I then explained to him why, specially the financial aspects of it. And his following words surprised me beyond belief.

He said "congrats! go, don't miss an opportunity like this; at least I can tell people that my staff are headhunted by world-class organizations".

Now, how cool is that? You just don't know how relieved I was to hear this from him. To be honest, he was the only reason why I stayed longer than I wanted to in the current organization. He always defended me against all the rumor mongers and backstabbers that seem to live in GLC's.

Now that he knows and even consented to my departure, I can't begin to thank him enough for understanding. I didn't want to leave with any ill feelings between me and the people I work with, and if he didn't understand, I'm sure there'll be such animosity.

But thankfully, I can now leave in peace. I seriously couldn't fuck about anyone in the company besides my boss and the people in my department and now that I have his blessings, it makes my departure easier.

All I can say is that I'm glad I have a boss like him.


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