Shopping Disagreements

It's easy to assume that because I love to shop - I shop more than most women I know - I'm an easy person to go shopping with. The truth couldn't be farther...

I know it's probably selfish of me but I am not good at chaperoning people when they're shopping. I'm sorry but how am I supposed to know that you want me to reinforce your decision when asking me questions.

"Which one looks better?" you asked.

Of course, since you asked, I'm gonna be honest and tell you which one looks better but take it into consideration that my choice is according to my taste. How do the hell do am I supposed to know that you have made up your mind about which one you want to get?

This is an example of why I'm not a good chaperone. My Small Baby was pissed at me just now because she asked me what I thought of a particular pair of shoes and when I told her which one I thought was better, she kept on insisting about the other pair.

I guess men and women differ too when shopping. When I go shopping and see something I like, I’m not going to ask anyone whether it’s nice or not, I’m just gonna get them. While it is nice to ask people what they think, their opinions shouldn’t influence your decision. After all, it’s you who’s gonna wear them, no?

I seriously don’t understand how women shop. If you don’t expect me to tell you the truth, then don’t ask.

It’s as simple as that.


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