The rise of Facebook

First came Friendster. Then it was Myspace's turn. And now, everyone seems to be on Facebook.

The good thing about this latest craze however is that you can belong to a particular group - whether it be where you from or where you work or where you studied, etc.

Even though I have been a member for quite sometime now, I am yet to find any of my high school friends :( It'd be great if I find them but so far, my searches all proved futile.

Facebook has become so famous that, in October 2007, software giant Microsoft bought a 1.6% share for a staggering USD240 Million! And just2 days ago, HongKong billionaire Li-Ka Shing invested USD60 million!

Not bad huh?

Who would have known that this on-line social networking that started in Harvard in 2004 would become what it is now? In just 4 plus years, it has become the biggest and most famous site of its nature in the world, killing Friendster and Myspace in the process.

All I hope though is that it would continue to be what it is now. And perhaps, find my long-lost classmates too :)


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