Red Devills Won!

The biggest game in the English Premier League proved to be a disappointing affair :( I expected a more thrilling game but the game was a total disappointment...

Well, not really lah because my team won. And as much I love United, I felt that Liverpool played better than us and could have easily beaten us but hey, that’s football, no? Granted, it’s not easy to go to Anfield and get 3 points and though we did manage to go home with the 3 points, the manner in which we did it was not the way I hoped.

The kedai mamak where I watched the game

But then again, maybe it was Sir Alex’s strategy. Bottom-line, we did get the 3 points and though it was short-lived - Arsenal beat Chelsea with the same score later – we led the table once again and our path to defending our title is on track.

Thanks to the ever-lively Carloz Tevez, United won 1-0; Rooney hustled throughout the game and the back 4 did what they’re supposed to with ease. My biggest disappointment though was with Ronaldo; he was completely lost in the game and United fans all over didn’t see his normal game.

And typical of any Man United-Liverpool game, tensions ran high!

But based on what I saw, the best player on the field for the Red Devils was undoubtedly Anderson; the boy was running all over, intercepting passes after passes. He was truly amazing, it reminded me of the times when Keano was still around.

Oh well. . . Again, the most important things is we beat our biggest rival and at their own backyard too!


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