People are asking...

Yesterday and today, I received myriads of calls from friends all over the world expressing their 'surprise' with my decision to close my blog to only those who are invited.

Some of them are even asking if I'm ok because it is not me to be backing away from things I believe in. It's just me and those who know me well, like my fellow sneakerheads around the world, know that I don't easily back down.

To those who contacted me, I am fine y'all and thanks for expressing your concerns. And because of your continuous support, I decided to open my blog again to everyone because it's easier this way. You guys know I'm fuckin' lazy and to add each and everyone's email addresses! Hahaha

So, despite all the drama that surrounded my blog the past few days, I am gonna do the right thing and leave it open.

Enjoy! My blog is for those who appreciate it and those of you who think and feel otherwise, screw you!!!


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