My Organizations :)

Lately, most of those who read my blog have asked me - either via email or text or phone call - why I do not name the current company I am working for and the one I am so excitedly joining next month. Some of them actually knows which is which while the majority has the inkling which companies they are but just aren't that sure.

So, to end all these 'mysteries', here they are:

The current organization I am attached with is the Iskandar Regional Development Authority or IRDA. We are an act of parliament (read: LAW) that is tasked with developing the Iskandar Development Region or IDR (WPI in BM) into a ‘strong and sustainable metropolis of international standing.”

And I don’t think the company I’m joining next month needs no introduction.

If you don't know Dell, then I seriously don't know what to say.


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