My New Pad!

Today, I received an email from my future employers and with it were pictures attachment of the place that they're getting for me!

How awesome is that?!

This is why I prefer to work for multi-national companies; they know how to treat their people right. I am yet to officially start but here they are, trying their best to make my stay as welcoming as possible.

From what was written, the condo has 3 rooms, fully furnished with a very urban and contemporary look, with an infinite pool and a jacuzzi and overlooking the sea; it is situated up in the hills of Tanjung Bunga and most of the occupants of this place are mainly expats and affluent Penangites :)

The first thought I had was, “just about right”... Though I am perceived - and rightfully so - to be a social person, I like the warmth of a place with a quiet surrounding; this allows me to think and have some piece in what can only be described as a hectic life.

I asked my friends from Penang what they think of the place, it’s called Twin Towers by the way, and they were all impressed with the accommodation that I will be living in. One of them even said that it is just about the perfect place I can have in the island, considering its location and the people that live around the area.

And when I checked the place out in the net, these are the pics that I got :)

It’s going to be a great 2008!


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