A Lazy Saturday...

I didn't get out of bed till 4 in the afternoon. My Small Baby went to her parents' place and I was alone at home. I couldn't go anywhere because my car was with the mechanic and he only sent it back to me around 10 pm.

Alone and not knowing what to do, I did some chores and when I finished, watched the Red Devils kick Derby County's ass 4-1. For all his brilliance, Ronaldo should have given the penalty to Carlos Tevex so that the latter could get his hat trick but no, Ronaldo being the fighter that he is, decided to go for it himself. He deserved it though because he was the one who won it in the first place but still, it would have been nice if he allowed Tevez to get his hat trick.

Saturday was a lazy day for me.

Oh yeah, as I logged on to my blog, I was surprised that my Dude commented on my entry about her birthday. Well, dude, if ever you're reading this, I can't email you my cell # because I don't have your email add :)


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