It's just a different feeling...

... when you share your day with someone you love.

The entire today, my Small Baby and I were together. I picked her up from KLIA, went to a nearby 'cafe' for breakfast where we both had porridge with salted eggs :) When we got back home, after chatting for awhile, we went to bed to get some rest; I'm sure she's tired from her travel and I haven't taken a single wink since I came back from JB.

Here's where the different feeling creeps in. When I go to bed by myself, I always tend to wake up here and there, hence, not getting a good night sleep in the process. But when I'm next to her, even just the thought of her being next to me, I sleep like a baby and really have a good go at it.

Guess that's what love can do for you, no?


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