If it ain't yours, why use it?

I have something against those who put their father's title in their names.

To me, such actions are signs of that person's insecurity and diffidence towards making something out of their lives. Moreover, I don't know what kind of recognition they hope to achieve if they do as such.

I have lots of friends whose fathers have titles given by the different state rulers in the country and I can't think of anyone close to me who does such a despicable and low-life act. My current boss’ dad used to be the mayor of JB but you don’t see him using his dad’s title(s).

Before you think I'm fucking jealous of these losers, let me tell you something; my dad himself has multiple ‘Tan Sri’ and ‘Dato’ titles from different states and yet, you’d never see me using them when I write my name! I seriously don’t know why people ride off their parents’ titles and recognition when they’ve done nothing worthwhile to use such titles.

If it ain’t yours, why fucking use them?

As I was watching the Arsenal-Middlesbrough game on TV, I was also flipping today’s Star paper and chanced upon this column that completely disgusted me! It was written by one of these losers who feel the need to ride on their father’s title to make something out of their pathetic lives. This dude is a son of a ‘Tun’, the highest award given in the country and normally writes about the social happenings in the country. The daughter of the country’s former PM also has her weekly column with the Star and have you ever seen or read her using her father’s title?

Again, if it ain’t yours, why fucking use them?


Middlesbrough beat Arsenal! Yehey! Man United’s 1 point adrift! Go Devils Go!!!


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