'Goment' service has improved!

Who said customer services within the Malaysian ‘Goment’ agencies would never improve? Admittedly, I was one of the skeptics who never believed that it could improve but lo and behold, not only did their service improved tremendously but the way they work has also become very efficient.

I went to the JPN office this morning to apply for a replacement IC. I got there slightly after 7am and though they work from 8am, because there were already a few of us by 7:30am, they actually opened the counter and started servicing those who were already there!

This is almost unheard of! Since when did the ‘goment’ servants start work before they’re supposed to? The common practice is actually to go out and have their breakfast first and when they get back to their place, they will spend another 10-15 minutes doing absolutely nothing. Since when did they start serving people before their slotted time?

I don’t know if today was a good day for the JPN staff but it was refreshing to see that changes are being done and changes are being practiced in the government sectors, especially in agencies like the JPN where hundreds of people come in daily.

If indeed the change that I witnessed today is now a norm, I’m glad for the country. Finally, there are signs of progressions and though they’re baby steps, nevertheless, they’re steps in the right direction.

I take my hats off to the peeps at JPN HQ for their exemplary and professional work ethics!


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