Freedom of Expression

Yesterday, after I left the KL office, I received a text from my boss with the following message: "I saw your blog, we need to talk!" Since I was driving, I replied and told him that I'll give him a call as soon as I'm settled. When I got home, I called him.

What he told me shocked me beyond belief! Basically, someone in the office found about my blog and expressed his concerns regarding some of the entries pertaining to my work. He is worried that the entries are too close for comfort and give the impression that some of the staffs in my current workplace are seen to be imbeciles.

As my boss was narrating this to me, the first thing that came to my mind was ‘so fucking what?’ What I wrote here are my personal thoughts on the subject matter at hand and as truthful as I could be. I mean, I didn’t create these stories, they actually happened and I just expressed my thoughts about them.

Honestly, I don't know who told my boss nor do I give a fuck but man, don't they have any more important things to do? How about work? Aren't salaries paid out for work and not for poking your noses where they don't belong? Since when did worrying about my blog become part of the job scope?

Is it wrong to express your thoughts in your own fucking blog? Hell no!

But out of respect for my boss, I have decided to remove the entries that have a direct impact on the higher powers that be as well as current processes that are ongoing but I’m not going to remove any of my entries that are my personal views on particular topics.

I’m sorry but if they think they are not as stupid as how I apparently portray them to be, why fucking bother? After all, this is a personal blog and has no bearing upon the perception of the people that has a stake in the region.

You won’t find investors reading my blog. Nor do you find potential talents coming here and reading what I have to say. The local folks read other blogs that are socio-political in nature and certainly, this is not one of them.

Again, why fucking bother?

My blog are read mainly by my friends and fellow sneakerheads. And I don’t think anyone in my current organization knows how to differentiate between a 1985 AJ 1 White/Black-Red and the 1994 retro!

There’s a Malay proverb that suggests “whoever ate the chili will be the one to feel its heat” and it aptly applies here. If you think you’re not what my blog thinks of you, then why panic? You can always refute, no? Or better still, just ignore it…

In the short period that I have been with this organization, people have bad mouthed me all the time. Did I say anything? NO! Why? because I know better... I wouldn't stoop to their levels because I have more class than that. Moreover, I may not have been educated in prestigious institutions like Imperial College but at least, I fucking' speak and write better English!

The point I’m trying to say here is that of all the blogs out there, why bother with mine? There are hundreds of blogs that y’all should be concerned of for they talk about the company specifically and even go to great lengths in saying that what we’re doing is merely wasting tax payer’s money! These are the kind of blogs you should be tackling and not a personal blog who’s meant for the sneakerheads!

I am only adhering in removing certain entries out of my respect for the person I report to; to the rest of you, as the Head of Marketing likes to say, FUCK OFF!


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