An even lazier Sunday :)

Man, I need a life!

Seriously dude, I need to do something with my current weekends. All I do is freaking stay at home and do nothing. Going to Setiawangsa to ball is not an option, considering the unpredictable weather.

I can't go on spending my weekends like this; stuck at home bumming. Today, I didn't do anything productive yet again :( Got up at around 5pm and didn't know what to do... What do people do on a Sunday ya?

I remembered that I have to go to JPN tomorrow to apply for a replacement IC, having lost mine yet again for the umpteenth time. Since my hair was kinda long, I decided to go to the salon and get a haircut but when I got there, the place was packed. Damn! Wanting a haircut badly, I then went instead to my friendly barber :)

I'm going to pick my Small Baby up from her parents' place in a bit and go for dinner. After that, if i have the time, I'll probably watch the Arsenal game, hoping they lose! hahaha You never know, Liverpool lost for the first time last night and I'm hoping for the Gunners to have the same fate tonight.

But seriously, I really need to take some activities to get out of this weekend bumming


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