Back For Good!

I am back in KL and this time it's for good :)

As I drove back from JB this afternoon, the heavy rain that poured all over the city made me realize that my stay with the organization that is empowered with the development of the Iskandar Region is very much like the rain.

Initially, it was nothing but sunny days but as the months passed by, signs that things aren’t perfect started popping out. I have nothing against the organization or its cause – I do believe in its cause – and I attribute all the problems to my differences with some of the people that works there.

I guess, in retrospect, fundamentally, it’s the upbringing that soured the relationships. There are people there I have nothing but utmost admiration for but most of the people that I clashed with are those who just refused to open their eyes and live in the real world.

Sure, we Bumis have our ‘special’ privileges but honestly, to be able to make ourselves valuable in this world, we shouldn’t even be using these privileges to get ahead. If we can’t even be confident of being as good as the other person next to us, then why even bother?

You can be educated overseas but if you can’t change your myopic way of thinking, no institutions of higher learning can educate you. This is why I think the fundamental problem was upbringing; it is at home that we get our first taste of education and depending on how we were brought up will shape our very core in facing the future.

I guess my blog has embarrassed some people in the organization and it was not my intention. God be my judge, all my entries were written without the intention to cause anyone embarrassment but dude, if you’re embarrassed because what I wrote about you is true, then do something to change that. It is not what I wrote that should embarrass you but instead, be embarrassed with what I wrote; feel me?

The only regret I have is that I wasn’t able to say my goodbyes properly. My departure was really abrupt and I didn’t want to go this way but circumstances have made it difficult for me to even stay a day longer.

But all is good; I can at least get some rest before I move on and tackle another brand in another company. And this was made possible out of the kindness and understanding of the head of HR and for this, I am tremendously grateful.

And to the peeps in my department, I apologize for not being able to take y’all out for lunch to say goodbye properly. The world is small and I’m sure, one day in the future, we’ll bump into each other again.

Anyways, as I neared KL, it was completely devoid of rain and I had to smile to myself; it was me saying goodbye to the rain and welcoming the sunny days ahead of me.


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