Almost an ex-employee

This morning, I returned the last few things still in my possession that belonged to the company and save for the salary that they're supposed to pay me for the month of December, I have severed all ties with my former employee.

As y’all probably know by now, I am moving up north to take up a senior management role with Dell and initially, I thought I wouldn’t have enough time to rest before I head to Penang. However, because of circumstances that I don’t feel like talking about - they’re utterly rubbish anyways, what’s the point of talking about them? – I was able to have some free some time and it worked great in the end.

All I can hope now is that the company I used to work for do right by me and pay me what is owed to me. Besides my salary, I also have travels claims that amount to 3 thousand plus and while I believe that they’ll do the right things, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ll find ways and excuses not to pay me in full.

As I’ve said, all I can do right now is hope...


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