All cleared :)

To move Up North, that is.

This afternoon, I went for a medical check up, as required by the company that I am joining in January 2008. Besides the standard mandatory stuff, I was also required to go for a urine test and x-ray, with a specific instruction to the doctor to check my urine for cannabis and morphine LOL

During the examinations, I was chatting with the doctor and told him that I find it strange the way my new employers gave specific instructions. I mean, I understand that they won't to employ anyone who smokes 'ganja' and/or someone who's addicted to morphine but what I don't understand is why test for only these two when you have the designer drugs prevalently used nowadays.

It's ok to hire someone whose heart is weak and is overweight and whose cholesterol level is off the chart but not ganja smokers? Damn! Not that I am complaining or anything but I reckon, they should have a thorough medical check up, more so when the prospective employee is taking up a senior management role.

But hey, as I've said, I have no complains...

Anyways, I'm good to go; I passed my medical examination with no serious medical concerns. I have also faxed my records to the HR and everything is all systems go. I should be getting my appointment contract officially in the next few days.

After that, I will enjoy my remaining days with my current organization till it's time to bid adieu...


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