Air Jordan Packs

With the Air Jordan XX3 being the very last numbered Air Jordan ever, the folks at Jordan Brand have come up with a plan to market “Countdown Packs” in 2008; each pack comprises of 2 pairs of numbered Air Jordan’s, the sum of both pairs is His Airness’ jersey number, 23.

When the news of these countdown packs started going around, Jordan heads offered mixed reactions, as always. Some said they’re looking forward while the rest are, yet again, jumping into negative conclusions.

I seriously don’t understand these J-heads at times. I mean, dude, if you ain’t got the cash, don’t be fucking bitter and start talking crap about how a particular J is this or that.

When news that Jordan Brand is releasing a pack first leaked in the last quarter of 2005, everyone went crazy especially when they found out that one of the pairs contained in the pack is the ever famous Air Jordan XI.

The AJ Defining Moments Package (DMP) - the first one to combine two pairs of J’s in one pack – were the much sought after J’s for 2006, more so, when it was announced that they were limited in quantity. Everyone wanted to have at least a pack but haters started hating when they found out that each pack was going at USD295. Again, don’t hate them J’s because you ain’t got the loot for it, fucking douche bags!

The DMP was so popular that the people at Jordan Brand had to postpone the official release in October 2005 because just before they were to go out, there were already fakes being sold! They finally released on January 2006 and the world went crazy!

My Air Jordan DMP - I went all the way to New York to get these babies :)

The DMP was followed by two more packs - the Thunder & Lighting Pack and the Old Love New Love (OLNL). The former was even more limited and expensive than the DMP. The OLNL pack, however, was a general release but nevertheless, both packs sold out immediately. Of course, I don't need to tell you that I have both packs :)

Such is the power of the Air Jordan Brand. Any pair of shoes, no matter how ludicrously expensive they are, that has the jumpman logo on them will sell out. Haters can hate but the fact is, no matter what these motherfuckinghaters say, Jordan’s will still sell. So, why fucking bother? Moreover, majority of these haters are hating because they can’t fucking afford to buy!

Anyways, as I was saying, 2008 will be the year of the countdown packs and the first in line is the AJ X + AJ XIII pack. Personally, I will try to get all the packs as they are a tribute to the man who has had such an impact in my life. A true Jordan head should have all of them, irrespective whether they are up to par with the originals or not.

The AJ X + AJ XIII Countdown Pack

The 2nd pack to drop is the AJ IX + AJ XIV. They’re supposed to drop on the 15th of March. After that, a pack is scheduled to drop every month till September.

The 2nd pack - AJ IX + AJ AJ XIV

Tentatively, here are the packs that are dropping in 2008: April - Air Jordan II & Air Jordan XXI; May - Air Jordan VI & Air Jordan XVII; June - Air Jordan VII & Air Jordan XVI; July - Air Jordan VI & Air Jordan XVII; August - Air Jordan V & Air Jordan XVIII; September - Air Jordan I & Air Jordan XXII

As always, being one of the truest Jordan head around, I have hustled for the first pack hehehe Let's see if I can start the year with the first pack :)

Honestly, I can't wait to collect all the packs that they are releasing.

Bring on 2008!


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