This is why I do what I do


It's such a simple word and yet, everyone you ask will give you different meanings and definitions. Such is the complexity - and beauty - about this simple word.

As you all probably know by now, I am the Head of Branding of the Authority that is tasked with overseeing the development of the country largest economic region.

As the Head of Branding, it is my duty to bring life and soul to this economic region. And after toiling for months on end, I’m almost done J I have given the brand a personality and have also finalized the Brand proposition, i.e. what it stands for and its attributes.

And as I reach the penultimate stage of the whole branding process, I am looking forward to the 23rd of November; the date when I will give birth to the creative and visual representation of the Brand.

Nike is one of the masters in the art of Branding

Different people have different reasons for taking a job; some go for how lucrative the package is while others go for the conduciveness of the working environment. Like Branding, you’d get different reasons from different people.

Mine is very simple. While the remuneration and environment are important to me, the main deal maker and/or breaker in my career choice is undoubtedly the opportunity to be able to build and/or guide a brand, something that my current job presented when I joined.

However, now that I am about to finish, the excitement is also fading fast. I am really caught between prolonging the process or risk being bored when it’s done. My biggest fear is that once everything is done, I will find myself bored with the roll out of the plan. Call me a brat but I am only into developing the Brand and not so much into implementation because to me, the real battle is when you are trying to define what the Brand is.

I do have a few offers here and there but right now, I don’t really want to think about. I just want to focus on finalizing the branding process for this economic region and let’s see what happens next.

Till then, I just wanna give my best and hope that everything would work out the way I planned and wanted it to be.


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