State of Uncertainty

I seriously don't know why this keeps on happening to me. I mean, it's not only sometimes these kinds of things happen but all the time.

Yet again, I am in an uncertainty state :(

I came to the organization I am with now full of hopes of being able to do something meaningful; the opportunity to build a brand that has the potential to be world-class and comparable to the other big place brands such as Dubai and Singapore.

In the early days, everything was great. It's still good right now but the sudden and continuous influx of typical ‘Melayus’ into the organization have made it less of a vibrant organization and more political. And should the hiring of these kinds of people continue, I fear for the 'failure' of the organization to achieve its potential.

I still think it will fulfill its objectives because it is fully backed by the federal and state governments but I reckon it will fail in its aim of becoming a world-class organization. No amount of money can turn these people into a sophisticated and classy bunch with a worldly outlook that is prevalent amongst all MNC personnel.

I know it sounds harsh but such is the reality of working for a GLC in this country. I know the money is pumped in by the government but can we at least hire people who not only have the right qualification but also, and more importantly, have some class in them?

I agree that there is a stigma attached with GLC's but with the kind of packages that these mofos are offering, I don't see any reason why we can't attract the best of talents out there.

I'm sure if we present ourselves comparable to some of the other MNC's in the country, we will be able to bring in these talents. Moreover, the package enjoyed by most of the staff here is at least 40% above the market rate. Oh, we do have the 'sharks' here - staff from consultancy companies - and while they don't give a fuck about whether the company succeeds or not, they're here because they're all enjoying the best salaries they've ever had in their career.

I am not complaining about my package; what I'm bitching about is the quality of the people that they keep on hiring! I have a colleague who went to Imperial College and yet, can't fuckin' speak English properly

Too bad, even with all the money in the world, one can't buy class!


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