McLaren is fired!

And rightfully and deservingly so!

This morning, England failed to qualify for Euro 2008 after a heart-breaking loss to Croatia 2-3 and there is only one person to blame - Steve McLaren.

England's non-participation in the biggest football tournament of the continent is a major blow not only for the die-hard fans but the tournament in general. Whatever people say, England fans are a must for any football tournament in the world. Even if the fans are synonymous with hooliganism, no tournament will be complete without them English fans.

As every paper in England commented, McLaren's main fault could be attributed to two major mistakes - the omission of Robinson and late fielding of Beckham. Putting in a newbie keeper in the most important match of all their qualifiers is just plain idiotic. And even if Becks is at the end of his career, he was the difference in the 2nd half. Despite being the oldest player in the field, he played his heart out and outperformed everyone.

In a way, England got what they deserved. It would have been unfair to Russia should England sailed through; with the way they played, they just didn't deserve to go to Euro 2008.


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