It's time to be sad...

It's that time of the year again when my Small Baby has to leave me to do her yearly Hajj flights :(

Last night, as I was sending her to KLIA, that too familiar feelings of sadness crept upon me as I slowly drove her. But compared to what I felt last year, it wasn’t as painful and this time around, I was not only prepared for her departure but more importantly, I was able to understand the circumstances and reasons why she needs to do this.

Obviously, it is not about the money; I earn more than enough to support both of our lifestyles. Now I fully understand that she needs to fly because it brings her the happiness that only flying could. And not just flying as in being in an aircraft, but working while being an aircraft.

And now, because of the love she has for flying, she’s jet setting halfway across the world to do the one thing that she loves doing the most.

Good Luck Small Baby!


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