The good thing about my current job

is the fact that I get to see the Malaysian leaders in person often.

Last month, I organized an Event where I was faced-to-faced with the PM and this afternoon, I attended a function - an MoU signing between my organization and Tenaga Nasional - and it was the DPM whom I met and took pictures of :)

I have found out that in order to get away from entertaining these politicians, all I need to do is take the camera and start shooting pictures; this way, I don't have to explain and/or answer whatever queries they may have hehehe

Me the photographer hehehe

I had to look down because I would have laughed if I looked at the DPM

Anyways, meeting political leaders is part and parcel of the job and similarly, meeting influential people also comes with the scope. In my time here, I have built a good network of influential peeps and you never know, I may be needing their help in the future.

But despite all these, I am still leaving because I know I am just not right for the kind of environment that GLC's are in; it's ain't me and I don't want to force myself to adapt as it will fundamentally change my very core.

When one door closes, another one opens...


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