Catching up with the Nestle Peeps

Last night, I met up with my ex staff from Nestle. This is something that I always do with all my ex staff in all my previous organizations.

Me and the Vietnam boy

Yati (who was just promoted to Brand Manager) and Chian Yee

Chian Yee and Khun Hui

Thai Girl! (her real name is Sirirat Chayawawittanawong!)

I don't know why but I guess, in retrospect, I like to see their career progress and develop even if I am no longer with that particular company. And it truly makes me happy and proud when I hear that they have been promoted or transferred to a bigger department to do bigger things.

My Small Baby and I

I know it's probably narcissist of me to have that kind of intention but I have always maintained a good relationship with most of ex-staff; not only because I don't like to burn bridges but as a superior, you want nothing more than to see your subordinates grow in their careers.

The way how I see it, their performance is a testament to you as a boss and as I've said, it really makes me happy and proud about the achievements my ex staff have accomplished, more so, when they thank me for preparing them to become managers :)

Isn't it a nice compliment? :) Oh well...


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