Tired and Restless

I just got back from KL last night and I really had a problem sleeping. As it is, I already have sleeping problems but the frequent travels just adds to the complexity of things. *sigh*

I was like a zombie at work today; not knowing whether I was awake or not as I went about doing my work. Miraculously, I somehow managed to live through the day without being sleepy. And when you're fasting, it gets harder without the help of coffees and cigarettes. But I did pull through and even managed to even really produce some great proposal.

I am going to Singapore tomorrow, I was told, to attend an exhibition. It's just a day thing so it's all good... And by Wednesday, I need to fly back again to KL to attend a meeting with our international media/PR consultants, FBC whom we are paying a ridiculous amount of money!

After that, I have to start preparing for the event to facilitate the ISP announcement by the Prime Minister on the 9th and yet again, I'll be shipped off to another hotel, this time the Shangri-La in Putrajaya.
And in all this madness, just think of the effort one needs to exert specially when one's fasting... But again, so far, no regrets. Not only do I meet and build good contacts, I am also on track of really producing some great work :)


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