Not bad for a 'Goment' servant

How do 'goment' servants travel?

Answer: they travel in style :)

All along, I knew we were flying on Business Class and that we were gonna stay in a 5-star hotel because I planned the itinerary - where to go, what to do, etc - as among all of us who came to Dubai, I'm the only one who speaks the language and the only one, besides our CEO, who have been here before.

Anyways, we got to Dubai in the wee hours of the morning and after only a few hours sleep, headed straight to the Cityscape Exhibition. My Small Baby sent me to KLIA and when I got to the Golden Club Lounge, a few of my colleagues were already there.

The VP's of Economics & Business and Strategic Communications

The GC Lounge in KLIA is said to be the largest in Asia or the world, I can't exactly remember; but ever since they opened, it still pretty much looks the same. Besides a few added stuff like the relaxation room and bigger smoking room, nothing much was done and they still looked and feel the same as when they first opened. Hell, even the food they serve remains the same!

The flight was comfortable; not because we sat Business but it was free from any air turbulence at all. I have been travelling since I was a kid but I'm still afraid of turbulence. My Small Baby always make fun of me every time we fly because for the lightest of turbulence, I really freak out but try not to show it :)

The menu - MAS is really trying to cut cost, I tell you!

My accompanying book

The Entree

The peeps from my organization

We reached Dubai in the wee hours of the morning and were pretty tired that I dozed off immediately after checking in; I was hoping to get a few hours sleep as we need to be at the exhibition center by 9 am.

And I can't say I blame them...


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