I'm 1 year old!

Time does fly, huh?

Today, I am celebrating my one year of blogging here in blogspot. Well, I actually opened this account in January but started only blogging in October.

It's been a year today since I moved from wordpress to this site. Prior to that, I spent close to 2 1/12 years blogging my soul at Xanga. And though there was a brief period when I took a sabbatical leave from blogging for a couple of months, a year of writing my innermost thoughts and feelings for the world to read are something I am proud about.

My blog is my personal space; my own avenue of expressing my own thoughts vis a vis what I think of certain things and subjects. I'm sure not all of the readers agree to what I write but honestly, I couldn't give a fuck. If you know me enough, you will be the first one to say that I do not conform to things I don't agree to.

I also know that despite the lack of comments, I have a good number of readers who follow my blog. And I thank each and every one of you for continuously coming to read what this sneakerhead has to say :) Rest assured, I will continue to try to chronicle my life in these pages.

And those who keep on requesting for me to put up my Air Jordan pick-ups, I will try to blog about each and every pick-up I have. My apologies for not doing it regularly, I am currently swamped with the other things in my life. But no worries, I will strive to make it as meaningful to fellow sneakerheads as it is to the rest.

Thank you...


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