Happy Birthday Dude!

Today is my dude's birthday.

I know I address lots of the people I know as 'dude' but this one is really and truly one of those who are officially 'my dude'. Her name is Zehan Marissa and she has migrated to Sydney.

I met Zehan a few years back and I have found her to be one of the most amazing women you'll find in this world. She has everything - brains, beauty, personality, social standing and most of all, she has great heart - everything that the perfect woman should have. Hell, she is the closest to perfection I have seen!

And did I tell you about her smile? Damn! She has the smile that could move mountains, literally. When she smiles, I always tell her this, she can brighten even the gates of hell; that's how amazing her smile is.

There are things in this world that defy logic and explanation; things that only the Benevolent God could explain and one of them is her smile and its ability to bring upon brightness into people's life, like the brightness she brought into mine.

Here's to you dude and may you have more birthdays to come.

Keep on smiling...


Zehan said...

ok first of all ohmygod, dude. you could have used a different picture! heh :)

now. i know the last time we spoke, i was in a huge rush and you called to wish me happy birthday! and i said i would call you back and of course i forgot cos i was rushing to my own birthday thing that i was late for bla bla bla you get the story.

so... what i was going to say was this. i am so honoured you dedicated this post to me. and i am ashamed that i didn't call you back. and can you please e-mail me your number cos i have lost it!!!!


Ivan Omar said...

hey dude...

I could have used other pics but this is the only pic that I have of you :)

nah, don't worry about not calling back; the important thing is I was able to wish you on your birthday.

And maybe it's 'too much' (your words)but as written and I still maintain, you're seriously the 'closest to perfection' I have seen in a woman :)

And how the hell did you find about this entry and my blog?

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