Dubai by Night

After attending the exhibition the entire day, I was exhausted and hungry. When I got to the hotel, I received a call from a colleague saying that the CEO wants to take the group for dinner at the Souk Madinat Jumeira.

My CEO and I are the only ones who have visited this place before and judging from the looks of my colleagues, I knew they were floored by the beauty of the place. The place is magnificently beautiful with meandering paths that will lead you through a bazaar-like atmosphere in which open-fronted intimate galleries and shops spill onto the paved walkways.

And as you walk through the maze-like architecture, you will be greeted with busy men and women working their crafts and the continuous smell of freshly brewed Arabian coffee.

We decided to have dinner at the Meat & Co because everyone didn't want to eat Arabian food, having had them for lunch. This restaurant is known for its steak and they deliver on their promise. The meat was so juicy and thick that my colleagues were commenting that those were the best steak they have ever tasted.

After dinner, the group decided to go back home. All of us were tired and most of us were jet-lagged and trying to adapt to the time and weather. But before we headed back, we had to take our pics with the Burj Al Arab as the background.


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