Day 3 in Dubai

Day 3 started similar to the first two; I spent the morning part of the day in the exhibition center trying to cover the areas I was yet to see.

By noon, tired and bored from seeing the exhibition, I went back to the hotel to get some rest in preparation for the dinner that we are hosting. As a development authority, we felt that we had to host a dinner for the state officials who were with us.

Taking into consideration the tired state of the whole delegation - either by working or merely being tourists and shoppers - it was decided that we'll host the dinner in the nearby Grand Hyatt but introduce some form of Arabian theme to it.

As a result, we went to this upscale restaurant in the hotel, Aftar. The food was authentic Arabian and the main attraction is a belly-dancing performance. I had to think through his thoroughly; we were hosting a bunch of high-ranking state government officials and their respective wives and such form of entertainment may be deemed inappropriate for this myopic thinking people.

But then again, I kept on rationalizing to myself, belly-dancing is one of the foremost cultural attractions within the Arab world and since we were there, why not get ourselves entertained by something very distinctly cultural to the Arabs? If they can't learn to appreciate other people's culture, then fuck them!

Anyways, the food was great and sumptuous. And the belly-dancer gave a great performance; and albeit the wives were not to happy with the excessive show of female flesh, their husbands were having the time of their lives! hahaha

I will post the pics when I have time. I'm just too beat up to wait for them to upload right now.


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