Day 2 in Dubai

After a tiring day yesterday that culminated with a nice dinner in a place with a magnificent view, today was very much like yesterday. I had to be at the exhibition center again by 9 am.

I spent the first part of the day going through all the booths in the areas I didn't manage to cover yesterday. I have covered around 70% of the place when I realized that it was already 2pm and knowing that the CNN interview would be in an hour, I went for a quick bite and waited for the CEO to arrive.

And at exactly 2:45pm, the dude calls me and informed me that he's already arrived at the venue. And right on cue, the CNN crew arrived at 3pm and the interview commenced.

After a successful interview, I went back to the hotel and took time off from everyone. I then ventured Dubai on my own; my advantage is that I speak the 3 most important languages spoken in the UAE - Arabic, Urdu/Hindi and Tagalog.

Everywhere you go in the UAE, if you know these languages, you'll never have any problems. The locals of course Arabic and most of the unskilled workers - like the taxi drivers - speak Urdu/Hindi and the Filipinos are in-charge of the service industry.

When you go to the hotels and/or shopping centers, you'll find Filipinos at the forefront of everything, from sales assistants to managers to hotel front office personnel and what not. So, for someone who speaks the 3 languages, finding my way around Dubai is an easy thing to do. Plus, I have been to Dubai many times in the past and I know my way around.

My first stop was the Ibn Battuta Mall. It is the largest themed mall in the Middle East and centered on the travels of one of the greatest Muslim traveler of the 14th century, Ibn Battuta, a man who travelled over 75,000 miles during his lifetime.

The architectural inspiration behind the distinctive design of the shopping mall is based around his travels and the mall itself is segmented into six distinct architectural zones, representing key destinations visited by Ibn Battuta - The Andalusian Court, The North African Court, the Egyptian Court, the Persian Court, the Indian Court and the Chinese Court.

The architecture within the Mall’s six main courts is a reflection of the most influential places Ibn Battuta travelled during his time, allowing visitors an invaluable glimpse into the past of his travels. In a word, this place is simply amazing and one could spend the entire day here. This is also my Small Baby's favorite mall in Dubai :)

The North African Court

The Egyptian Court

The Persian Court

The Indian Court

The Chinese Court


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