Day 1 in Dubai

After only a few hours of sleep, I had to drag myself out of bed and get ready to attend the exhibition. You know how much sleep I need but what choice do I have? :(

Anyways, we reached the Dubai International Exhibition Center a few minutes before 9 am and when we got there, there were already hoards of people in attendance. And yet again, this is the largest exhibition center in the world! Everything about Dubai is to the extreme.

As we viewed the exhibition, one thing that hit me was that, anyone and everyone who's a developer and wants to introduce your projects and conclude deals, this is the pace to go. There were thousands and thousands of exhibitors and you really need days to be able to cover all of them.

Before we went our separate ways to attend to different conferences and activities, our CEO took us to lunch at a Lebanese restaurant is the Mall of Emirates, the newest mall in Dubai.

Again, the place screams grandness and even has the first indoor ski slope in the world! Damn! They just brought shopping complexes to a whole new level; instead of the normal skating rinks, these people created a ski slope!

Even the highways in Dubai is grand; it has 6 lanes per side. But because of the amount of cars on the road - cars are veeerrryryyyyyy cheap there - traffic can be a nightmare.

H3's are only between AED 120-150 k!

After lunch, we then went our separate ways and I went back to the exhibition to recce it as well as collect marketing collaterals for comparison. Hey, if we're gonna participate next year, I want to be able to not only come up with a booth comparable to the best but also distribute collaterals that are benchmarked from the world's best. We aso met up with CNN and arranged for them to interview our CEO the next day.

Even after a whole day of going from one booth to the other, I wasn't able to cover the whole place, it was just that huge.

And from the pics above, you will see that the Malaysian and Singapore booths are a world of difference. But hopefully next year, we will be better because i already have a concept in mind that will make Malaysia proud :)


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