Ahh, the sweet smell of success!

I am extremely pissed but happy and satisfied :)

This morning, after a 3 hours presentation and inter-active session, we finally have a new brand proposition! While admittedly it did not go without any incidents, suffice to say, I got what I wanted out of the meeting.

Being in the government sector, you will always find people with funny characters; and in this morning's presentation, these characters come out like sharks when blood is around.

I have always maintained that people who do not know about the Branding process should never be invited into a session where the subject matter at hand is Branding. But because we all work for a government agency, invitations to heads of departments, who have no clue as to what Branding is all about, must be extended as a courtesy.

Don't get me wrong; I am all for the notion that everyone in the whole organization must be aware of what the Brands stand for but to get them involved in the process of defining a proposition is a sure fire recipe for trouble.

And I was right! Because the CEO was present, everyone wanted to be seen to know what Branding is all about. Honestly, there is no harm in admitting to NOT knowing certain aspects of the company processes; I do not claim nor am I embarrass to say that I know crap about IT and/or Finance.

The point is, this morning's session was a branding presentation and if you know jack shit about the subject, just shut the fuck up and listen! But instead, they were throwing the most pathetic suggestions I have heard in my years in this field! And worst of all, as they position themselves to be seen as someone who has knowledge of the branding process, they always turned their eyes and heads to the CEO, hoping for his nod of approval!

Not only did they prove to be a bunch of ignorant sons of bitches, they also confirmed my suspicions and beliefs that they shouldn't have been there!

But it's all good though because, at the end of the day, I managed to put across my recommendations and they were approved by the CEO. And at least, by pretending to be experts in something that they totally have no clue about, I managed to get the CEO to see how stupid some of the people he has hired and paid exponentially! hahaha


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