Just as I expected, the management retreat was a bore...

That's my name!

Admittedly, we managed to get things done but not without the unnecessary drama that comes with office politics :( It's all good though as I am beginning to understand why such drama exists in Malaysia; more so, when you pool together a bunch of people who truly believe that they are the country's brightest in their respective fields.

Why can't Management Retreats be fun?

The retreat also became a place where everyone whom I know to be dickriders showed their best assets! LOL When interactive discussions took place, each and everyone tried to showcase their 'intelligence' and understanding of what we do with lengthy and vocal expressions of their thoughts, especially when the CEO is around...

The highly-paid peeps hard at work!

Even if what they have to say has no merit and substance at all, they still wanted to have their say, which was fine but when your objective of trying to be heard is because the CEO is around- lest he thinks you're dumb and insignificant - I really feel and think that it's better to just keep your mouth shut because in the end, you only end up exposing your stupidity to everyone.

My team :) Actually, they're 3 of the people that I really get along well

I am a vocal and loud person normally but in this instance, I chose to open my mouth ONLY, and only when I have something worthwhile to say. Honestly, it's the best thing thing to do in such a congregation...

Why am I with working with these people again? Just look at them dude!

But all is not lost. At the end of the day, we DID manage to fulfill the objectives of our gathering; we were able to strategically set out realistic and achievable objectives for the organization.


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