We're almost there...

Today, the road to greatness has kicked another gear! LOL

Seriously, after today's session with InterBrand, things are getting clearer. The task of creating and infusing a soul to the entity that I work for is halfway done; and in good time, we will be ready to announce to the world the new identity of the entity, complete with personality, essence and soul.

This is what I love about my chosen profession - the opportunity to give life to non-living things, not to mention the chance to pit myself intellectually with the very best out there. Our chosen agency for this exercise is no run of the mill agency; they are one of the best in the world in creating and managing Brand value and anyone involved with the study of Branding will attest to this.

And for an entity like us, the only place to have some fun is when you're attached with the Brand department. Being a multi-billion dollar project, everyone else is always serious and professional. I'm not saying we're not but there are times - like this one, for example - when we get to engage in some good fun.

The peeps hard at work!

As a life-long product Brand strategist, having worked with some of the biggest organizations with the biggest brands in the world such as Colgate Palmolive and Nestle, Corporate Branding gives me a fresh challenge.

While Product Branding is a well-known phenomenon in Marketing, Corporate Branding is something that is shun by almost Brand people out there; why? I seriously don’t know... Even myself, I have always thought that it was not as exciting and as challenging as that of Product Branding, until I got to experience it firsthand.

Corporate Branding pretty much employs the same methodology and toolbox used in product branding, but it also elevates the approach a step further into the board room, where additional issues around stakeholder relations (shareholders, media, competitors, governments and many others) can help the corporation benefit from a strong and well-managed corporate branding strategy.

Soon, the world will know!

Not surprisingly, a strong and comprehensive corporate branding strategy requires a high level of personal attention and commitment from the CEO and the senior management to become fully effective and meet the objectives.

But then again, the aforementioned statement applies to organizations with lots of products as well, no? Lucky for me, our CEO is a firm believer in the art of Branding and even agreed to engage an agency as expensive as InterBrand to get our basics right.

And as the Head of Branding, it is my duty to make sure that the corporate objectives are met and judging from what we have accomplished today, I’m confident that we are on the right track.

Only time will tell if my quest to become great will materialize; in the mean time, I’m just gonna enjoy what the Benevolent Allah has given me...


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