Thank God for Air Jordan's!

Honestly, I don't think I would have managed to stay another day in JB on a weekend without any form of entertainment. And since the Astro people here are still looking for a satellite dish somewhere, I had to go somewhere to watch my Red Devils play against Chelsea and if it means camping out in some stall, so be it!

But thankfully, my passion for Air Jordan's allowed me, not only watch my team kick Chelsea's ass, but also make a friend here. In the Streething forum, there is this dude from JB who shares the same passion I have for Air Jordan's and when I messaged him and asked him where I can watch the game, he proposed to meet up instead so that we can watch the game together and talk about J's.

My get up for the meet up - AJ IV Tour Yellow's with matching Jordan T

This is how, because of a common passion, people from different worlds get to know each other. Though the game was a bit slow for such high-powered teams, I am glad that my Red Devils kicked the Blues’ ass; a superb header from the ever-present and indefatigable Carlos Tevez right before half time and a penalty from Louis Saha doing the damage. It was also sweet for Tevez to score his first goal for United after having worked so hard in the games that he played.

We went to the Lounge at the Zon and managed to watch the game in peace and exchanged stories about our passion. And as the game was finally decided, it was good to know that I gained a new friend in JB, who happens to share my passion for J’s :)

The Zon

Thank God for Air Jordan’s!


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