Tale of two notebooks

As far as I can remember, eversince I started working, I've always had two notebooks - my own personal one and the one that is given by the company that I was working for at that time. Through the years, I have had crazy combinations: Acer/Dell, Acer/Acer, Sony VAIO/Toshiba, etc.

Currently, I am using the Sony VAIO/HP combination. I just recently changed my personal notebook from Acer TravelMate C100 (Tablet Edition) to a Sony VAIO VGN SZ Series. I've had the Acer for 3 years and it really served me well but it was time to put the little fella to rest. So, for awhile, I was using the VAIO and the Dell that was provided by Nestle but when I left, my new company then gave me an HP notebook and hence, the current combi.

My current notebooks - HP Compaq nx6310 and Sony VAIO VGN SZ

What is the whole point of this entry?

I seriously fucking don't know! LOL No, wait... Well, I meant to write about the difficulty of getting accustomed from one notebook to another. Take my current combi, for example; while the alphabets are standardized, the other features are not, like the delete tab and a host of other functional tabs.

The things is, when I'm working and flowing with thoughts, it just turns me off when I unintentionally tap the wrong tab! I now it's fucking trivial but when you're in the mood to write and thoughts flow effortlessly, trivial things such as this just completely messes up your train of thoughts.

What a bummer! But then again, who gives a fuck, huh?

I do...

Now, what.is.the.point.of.this.entry.again?


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