Sole What? Officially Opens!

The Malaysian Streetwear and Sneaker game is on its way to international fame!

Sole What?, the newly-opened streetwear and sneaker spot, is the vehicle that would put the country into the world streetwear and sneaker map.

With famous brands like Kiks Tyo, Staple, aNYthing,HLDN amongst its line-up, Sole What? is poised to be an icon in the region. Besides the streetwear brands aforementioned, the outlet also carries almost every sneaker brand known to mankind; at least the ones that make a difference to most people. However, for a Jordan purist like me, I can't help but feel a little left-out with the unavailability of Air Jordan's.

But then again, I am just but ONE customer; the aim of Sole What? is to avail brands to the majority of the people that love both sneakers and streetwear; I am just a sneakerhead and a one-brand sneakerhead at that.

Anyways, the outlet opened last Wednesday but last night was the official opening. And I had to attend it, I just had to. Not only Sole What? will be THE shop in Malaysia, the owner is also a friend and that's the main reason why I had to go there and congratulate him personally.

I was at the management workshop/retreat when they opened but nothing would have stopped me from going. I got there quite late and even got lost! Dude, I’ve never been to new mall and it was pretty huge, so I had a good excuse in getting lost J

Anyways, I reached slightly two-hours after the opening but there were still a lot of people loitering around. In retrospect, it was good that I was late because I managed to avoid the hype beasts – kids who are into the game because of the hype that surrounds it.

It was great to see true sneakerheads. The usual suspects from Streething were there and it was nice to see them again. Even the DJ dude who fucking hates my guts – because he is fucking jealous of my collection and who knows I can put him to retirement if we battled – was there; it was the first time I saw him in person during broad daylight and just as I always suspected, the dude is mad ugly! Hahahaha

I truly congratulate Edwin aka Mini for the opening of Sole What? And I’m sure it will be the catalyst in bringing the country to the ears and wallets of sneakerheads and streetwear enthusiasts around the world...


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