Our JB Place :)

I don't know if I'll ever be settled in JB - not that I want to anyways - but at least, for the time being, I have found a place that I can settle in. I have previously blogged about the difficulty in finding a good condo in JB and a place where I can be comfortable with but thanks to my Small Baby, we found one.

It may not be the most 'prestigious' in JB but it works out fine for us; it's only a few minutes away from the city center and approximately 5 minutes to the office. There are food stalls just down the street and a few pubs and clubs within walking distance.

It has two bedroom and two bathrooms and despite the lack of furnishing, it is good enough for me. It looks very much a bachelor's pad with a bar-type table in the kitchen and a wall surrounded by mirrors! How kinky and cool is that hehehe

And though it doesn't have a view of Singapore or the beach, this is what you see at night and being a New York kid, I just love it:


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