A new toy :)

I'm not much of a gadget man, save for the cell phones that I try to update myself with every year. I also like notebooks but I only get a new one when it is time to get a new one.

So, when the SVP - Human Capital Development summoned me to his office this morning, he told me that as a VP, I am entitled to the Dopod C730 PDA together with a Celcom line, fully paid by the organization! Nice...

I've had numerous PDA's in the past - mostly O2's - but I find them to be more of a nuisance than a help gadget. I guess I'm very much an old school guy that I still prefer to use my notebook to check emails and surf the net. Moreover, I find the usage of PDA's for surfing and checking emails troublesome because of the tiny keypads they have.

But hey, this is free and why I should I reject something that is totally free? My Small Baby refers to all my company phones and lines as 'Public Phone' because it's free! hehe Anyways, I was all excited to play with this new toy specially when the IT guys told me that it is really what one can call a 'Smart Phone'.

In my excitement, I didn't even bother to bring it out of the box and when I got home and saw it for the first time, I was floored! How can anyone write emails and/or texts with such tiny keypads? Damn! And it fuckin' looks complicated as hell, I tell you :( The keypads look like a scientific calculator! And wait till you see the booklet guide, tt's freaking small and almost unreadable unless you have perfect eyesight!

I then searched for reviews of the Dopod C730 from customers and most of them are surprisingly happy with it. Some say it is the best all-in-one PDA's they ever used! Wow!


Perhaps I've been too harsh with it based on how it looks; so I'll give it a shot and read the guide and use them. In all fairness though, it looks good actually - compact with nice color tone. I just don't like how messy the keypads are.

And it's free, so, why not just be thankful, no?


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