Magic Touch

I knew it!

I don't exactly know how but I knew my Small Baby had the magic touch.

Ever since I started work in JB last Monday, I have been searching frantically for a place to stay. I've seen numerous condominiums and apartments but I couldn't find any that satisfied me. But when my Small Baby came down to visit, the first two places we saw were way better than all the ones I saw combined.

And when we visited the 2nd place, we both knew it was the right one! And after the necessary negotiations and paperwork, I will be moving in this coming Sunday :) The place has two master bedrooms similar in size with a very contemporary deco and it's located within 5 minutes from the city center.

I'm going back to KL with my Small Baby this Wednesday and will drive back to JB on Sunday. Now that I have a place to live, I can bring some of my stuff and hence, the reason why I am driving back. It was fun staying at the hotel for the last two weeks but hotels are hotels and they're not really the best place to live in.


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