I could literally kill this guy...

This is Gentry Humphrey.

He is the Business Director for Footwear, Jordan Brand.

He runs the show, literally.

Wouldn't it be cool to do what he does?

He's also hated by many for every 'ugly' J's that come out and yet, despite all the brouhaha over the most mundane and stupid of things, every freakng Air Jordan's this man comes out with still sell like mad!

Fucking losers, I tell you. They openly criticize every J that drops, bitch and whine about the color, design, price and what not... And yet, like a closet faggot, they're the ones who are first in line everytime a J drops!

These mofo's hate G.

Think about what he does - meets His Highness on a regular basis, makes the decision as to what comes out and what don't and gets to see the final product before the whole world does.

Isn't this the coolest job in the world?

Do you not want his job?

I hate him too but for a totally different reason.

I hate him because I want his job.

And I would kill him for it!


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