The Holy Month of Ramadhan

Last night, as the call to maghrib prayers were heard, the holy month of Ramadhan has also officially started.

I was in the JB office when I heard the azan and minutes after that, the whole building shook and forced all of us to evacuate. Safely down in the streets, my first thought was on the people affected by the earth quake; how painful and difficult it must have been for them :(

Anyways, I always looked forward to Ramadhan. Not only for the food that adorns neighborhood stalls nor the serenity of the whole country. To me, the holy month of Ramadhan had and will always be a time for self reflection.

Have I done enough good to hope for His continuous blessings? Have I fulfilled what is expected of me as a Muslim? These are but a few questions I ask myself during Ramadhan. This holy month is a time when I put the world we live in in check and suspended; in place of it is seeking the spirituality that I forever seek. I know I am suposed to do it all the time but it can be very difficult, considering the kind of world we live in.

But alhamdulillah, I haven't gotten so far from where I want to be in my life, not just from a worldly perspective but more so, on a the more important spiritual level. I hope this month will further strengthen my fate in the Benevolent Allah.

And as the world ushers this holy month, I wish all my Muslim brethren 'Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan' and may we all find what it is that we're looking for in life.


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