'Goment' Servants

I went to the Curve last night to have dinner with my Small Baby and again, we chose Empress. I know, I know...

Between My Small Baby and I, she is the more experimental one; preferring to try different dishes in different restaurants but me, well, I'm an old school dude, when I like a particular place, I tend to go there over and over again.

Anyways, My Mentor called and asked me to 'buka puasa' with him today, something we do annually. But before I could say yes, he added that he was at the Curve and since we were on the way there, I told him to just stay put and we'll just meet up.

When he arrived, I was blown away! The dude has lost half of himself, literally! He used to be the helpless obese who had problems walking but when I saw him, he looked so fucking fit! Not only that, he looked younger; guess losing all those weight was a good thing, not just from a health perspective but also from his overall demeanor.

My Mentor and I (He was twice as big the last time I met him)

As always, when he and I met, we talked about anything and everything: work, life, reminisce about the past, etc. And now that we are both working for 'semi-government agencies', we just sort of laughed at our predicaments, considering that we're not really the type to be working for the government or anything remotely close to it. LOL

He is currently attached with Bank Negara, of all companies! hahaha He is there as Marketing, Communications and Branding Manager and honestly, I don't know what he does; I mean, of course I know what his portfolio entails since I'm in the same line but when kind of marketing, communications and branding can one do for Bank Negara? :)

While he is attached with the organization that prints money, I ,on the other hand, am attached with the biggest project Down South who'd be spending lots of the money that they print! LOL As Head of Branding, my main work is to build a sustainable Brand for the region and it is my aim to make it as strong as the Singapore and Dubai Brands.

I know it's an uphill task but achievable. I really believe in that... I just hope that the powers that be share my beliefs because as a Brand person, I can only do so much. The whole Branding process is everyone's responsibility and not just my department.

And before we knew it, we have been talking for hours! That's what always happens when he and I meet and though we don't meet as often as some people, our bond remains as strong as ever.


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