First weekend in JB

I thought of going back to KL this weekend but since I'll be up there on Wednesday, I thought of just spending this weekend here instead.

So, what does JB have to offer on weekends?


I walked around and the entire city reminds me of the Kota Raya areas! Seriously, that's how 'ketinggalan' this place is. Walking around gives you that feeling as if you're walking from Central Market to Pudu Bus Station.

And mind you, JB is not really a place where you can walk around, per se. I think it is designed to be seen when you're in a car or something as there are no walkways for pedestrians. Moreover, with the way how these people drive, it is better to be in the safety of your own car!

I ain't dissing JB, no far from that; I'm just stating the facts as I see it. It's a good thing that it's really way under-developed because if it were like Penang, then I know I am in the wrong place and the wrong organization.

After all, aren't we supposed to developed JB and turned it into a metropolis of international standing?

Lucky for the community, whether they know it or not, the Government is pumping lots and lots of money into the development of this place.


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