Back Again!

In KL, that is.

This morning, I attended a presentation by one of our agencies - InterBrand - on their findings and I can't say I'm really surprised. I mean, we've sort of known the current situation and the areas where we need to improve; however, their case studies proved to be an eye opener and exciting.

The view from ourKL Office (We're on the 53rd floor of Menara TM)

Yesterday, I debated whether to fly or drive back to KL and in the end, we chose the latter. The drive back was full of misadvetures but nevertheless,a good learning experience for me. At least, the next time around, I will be prepared when I drive back or to KL.

Anyways, I'm back and it's so great to be back where you're familiar with the surroundings and the people. I am still trying to find my footing in JB and I'm sure after some time, I'll be ok but right now, I'm still not comfortable with the place.

Oh well, I'll be here till Tuesday and will just try to make the most of it.


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