Why I don't post in Sneaker Sites

I bumped into a fellow ST member this afternoon and he asked me - in a seriously curious tone - why I don't post my pick-ups anymore in the said forum. Admittedly, I used to actually post each and every pick-ups I have but have stopped doing so lately.

The question doesn't shock me anymore; I have had the same question posted to me a lot of times already and I have always given the same answer. My answer may not please everyone who asked but the reason why I don't post anymore is really simple: I just don't see anything positive in posting them anymore.

It's really as simple as that. It's really a lose-lose situation on my part, even when I still 'shared' my pick-ups. Because of the number of shoes I buy monthly, some members feel and think that I am show-boating with putting out there each and every sneaker I acquire.

On the other hand, if I don't post anything, these same people think that I'm all talk and actually have nothing! Either way, posting my kicks will only further allow these haters to hate more; not that I minded really. Let them hate for all I care!

I know I will continue to get asked the same question over and over again but it's all good though... I don't even post all my pick-ups in my own blog; I really would love to but more often than not, I am too busy - or lazy - to take pics of them. And even when I took pics of the ones I got from Manila, I was just too lazy to take the others that I have never posted here. Moreover, it's kinda overkill already because I got them months back.

Anyways, my Small Baby and I went to the Curve for dinner. Yet again, Empress Cafe was the diner of choice and The Apartment for some coffee and dessert. We've been to the latter a lot of times but until today, I am still in-love with their chocolate mousse that every time I go there, I have to have them! No wonder I'm gaining back all the pounds I so painstakingly lost :(

The chocolate mousse that I can't seem to say no to :(

My Small Baby with one of the Anime characters in Cineleasure

I unDS this pair today! :) I just love the DTRT color combination on a white-based sneaker

The RL Polo-T I bought the other day; Doesn't it match well with my J? hehehe


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