Un-DSing J's

Y'all know how much I love Air Jordan's!

Copping J's is one of my greatest passions; the adrenaline of acquiring new J's is something I'll never get tired of. But more than that, I love the act of un-DSing them!

Today, I did just that :) I wento 1 Utama with my Small Baby to buy tickets for 'Rush Hour 3' and it gave me the opportunity to un-DS my AJ III Cool Grey's. I have had this pair for quite sometime now but I never had the opportunity to wear them. Somehow or rather, the timing wasn't right.

Actually, I now have 3 pairs of the CG III's; I managed to get another pair when I was in Manila recently. When they were released, people snapped them so fast that lots of my own friends didn't get their pairs :(

What a beauty, no?

The Jordan T I matched my CG III's with

Having bought our ticks, my Small Baby and I had dinner at Bakerz'in and as always, we ordered the same food :)

Oh yeah, like I always do when I go to1U, I passed by the two Nike outlets there: Culture and Performance. The peeps at Performance are as nice as they always are but what really shocked and pissed me is the attitude of the manager of the Culture outlet. The dude's been acting weird lately. He has that arrogance in him that I am not used to.

Fuck, I don't expect you to treat me like a King but at least have the fucking courtesy to answer my queries. I asked if they still have the AJ V Olive jacket and the dude just gaveme the brush off! Fuck you! I am the customer and is it my fault that what you have in your outlet does not attract me? Is it my fault that most of my purchases are done in the Performance outlets? Hell no!

Anyways, I went up to the 3rd floor and found the jacket I was looking for and bought it. On the way to Bakerz'in, I passed by the Ralph Lauren outlet and got myself a bright yellow Polo-T. I am not normally a bg fan of bright colors but there was something about this yellow that just called to me. Maybe it was because it goes well with my AJ III and AJ 23 Classic DTRT's :)


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