Trip highlights

The entire day yesterday was spent with my parents and nieces and nothing is more enjoyable than being with your own flesh and blood, no?

We started the day with a visit to my late grand dad's grave to offer our prayers. This is one of the reasons why I went for a holiday because the last time I was in Manila, due to time constraints, I wasn't able to visit my grandfather's grave.

After the cemetery, it was off to my favorite mall in the whole of Philippines - Alabang Town Center. While it is not as gigantic as most malls in Metro Manila, something about ATC makes it a charming li'l place. The crowd belongs to the most elite Filipino families and the place oozes class and money. No other malls in the Philippines will you find the kind of crowd that ATC possesses.

But don't get it twisted, the reason why I like to go there - besides the ambience and crowd - is because it is our neighborhood mall; my parents place is just a few minutes away from ATC.

Isn't this a beauty?

A lovely place to chill

An indoor basketball court in one of the sports outlets; my inspiration behind the court in be-elementz

The cinema - they always get movies faster than us :(

Phil Daily Inquirer buntings featuring Ninoy Aquino (Ninoy is the catalyst of the original 'People Power'; it was his assasination that forced President Marcos out of the Philippines)

ATC has all the high-end brands


After my customary visit to ATC, my nieces sugested that I should go visit the Mall of Asia, the biggest shopping mall in the whole of Asia. And because I have never been there, I said I'm game and off we went. The traffic in Manila is one of the worst in the world and we got stuck in traffic on the way there.

My beloved mother :)

My nieces, Kessy and Hanny Bee

The place is really big; I reckon it's like 5 times the size of KLCC! Honestly, because of its size and the number of people there during that time, I didn't get to go to every corner; not that I really wanted to anyways, I was exhausted and hungry.

When you walk around in such a huge ass mall, you'll definitely end up hungry. And hungry I was, very... So, for dinner, I asked my mom to bring me to a place where I can get some of my favorite Filipino meals. We ended in this cozy li'lplace called Congro Grille and the food were sumptous, I tell you.

Congo Grille

Hanny Bee and my mom

My favorite Filipino food!

It may look like your normal food but this is done the Filipino way. The BarBQ chicken is out of this world! No other country can make barbq as good as the Pinoys. Another favorite of mine is the 'Tortang Talong' - it's eggplant bathed in eggs and grilled, yum!

What a day! One can only hope your every day is always like this...


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